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Reliable pond water volume estimates & bathymetric mapping
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What To Expect

We know tempo matters when it comes to assessing whether a specific pond will meet a specific need. We provide timely, affordable boating services with accurate and reliable volume estimates.


Echo sounding and GPS tracking

We use echo sounding technology to record the depth of the water at numerous GPS coordinates throughout the pond to produce a detailed map showing the depth of the pond at all GPS points. 


Proven interpretive industry software program

We use trusted, marine-industry software to process all of the collected data into a detailed map showing the depth of the pond at all GPS points. 


Optional drone services

Provides clear mapping of pond boundaries in real time and other drone supported requests at the time the water volume estimate is occurring

Do you know the volume of your pond?

When a pond is being used for a specific commercial purpose focusing on the pond water volume, it’s critical to know if the pond has enough water for the intended purpose. We help oil and gas companies, agricultural companies and individuals accurately estimate the volume of water in their pond through our boating services.

Using a proprietary combination of measurement methods and interpretive software plus years of experience in pond water volume estimates, Reddog Solutions, LLC provides an accurate and reliable estimate of pond water volume and bathymetric mapping of the pond floor. We’ve worked on ponds as small as three-quarters of an acre and as large as 44 acres, and our boating services can be used on ponds of any size.

Client Testimonial:

“Reddog Solutions, LLC surveyed two ponds on my property and provided me with a pond water volume estimate and a bathymetric map of each pond. The finished product was impressive and very useful for future reference as to the estimated amount of water contained in each pond at the time, as well as the ability to see “an underwater glimpse” of the layout of the bottom of the pond. They were easy to work with, and very accommodating and quite prompt in the delivery of their product. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing services such as the ones Reddog Solutions, LLC provides.”

Edward E. Sutter III

Alva, OK

Client Testimonial:

“Reddog Solutions, LLC rendered a water volume estimate on the lake by Rough Creek Lodge and their product was spot on both in terms of their estimate being what staff thought it would be as to an estimate of the water volume of the lake and their bathymetric map product of the lake floor. We would recommend Reddog Solutions, LLC to others for a quality product and great customer service.”

Cary Platt

Owner, Rough Creek Lodge and Resort – Glen Rose, TX

Our Commitment To You

As a small business, we are committed to outstanding customer service in every interaction. When you work with Reddog Solutions, LLC, you are working directly with the owners of the company to determine the scope of the project and deliver the final pond water volume estimate and accompanying bathymetric map of the pond floor.