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Agricultural Drone Services in OK

Maximize agricultural yield through drone technology
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For both large and small agricultural operations, Reddog Solutions, LLC can help analyze plant health, assess crop damage, and determine cut/fill aspects to maximize agricultural yield.


Using drone technology paired with a precision agricultural software and VARI measurements, we can help farms of all sizes save time and money as they plant and manage pests and other crop damaging elements to result in a more successful yield of their crops.

Agricultural Drone Services imaging of crops in OK

Monitor plant health and crop stages

Target interventions for pests and disease

Maximize yield with precision cut/fill strategies

Drone experience and advanced technology

Our agricultural drone services provides technology to help agricultural operations become more efficient with crop management by offering plant counts, percentage of plants that have reached the flowering stage, and early detection of pests, diseases, weeds, and drought. It can also help quantify and classify crop damage from wind, rain, hail, wildlife, chemicals, or fire.

Client Testimonial:

Reddog Solutions, LLC provided me with a pond water volume estimate and a bathymetric map of my pond. They also provided videos of my pond and my home as well as very nice still photographs. They were wonderful to work and very meticulous. I would definitely recommend them.

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Northwest Oklahoma

When you work with Reddog Solutions, LLC for agricultural drone services, you are working directly with the owners of the company. Our customers are our first priority, and we can work with the customer to customize our drone services to meet your specific needs.